Churchill investments

Quote prepared by: Darren Pinder

Project Overview

To complete a re-build of the current Churchill Investments website into a CMS-editable modern site. The project will include client management, a design phase, a build phase, testing and launch, as well as added assistance around migration and post-launch training.

Key Objectives

  1. Re-build the website to bring it easier to update content
  2. Move to WordPress to make content changes without Vatu help
  3. Be able to keep publications content and articles up to date

The big benefits

By working with Vatu and our established website services, at the end of this project you will:

  1. Have a website that represents the Churchill Investments brand in your target market.
  2. Have a website that you can confidently edit, update, and evolves with you over time.
  3. Have an established agency partner (us!) that can work with you over the long term, with a dedicated WordPress Engineer who knows your website inside-and-out.

Who you’ll be working with

Darren Pinder


Darren founded Vatu in 2008 and has been the driving force behind the day-to-day development work at the company.

Darren’s background is technical in nature, with experience in website design and development, digital marketing, and exhibition marketing. He is a fan of reading, running, coffee, and is often found with his son toddling around the office.

Natalie Smith

WordPress Engineer

Natalie is a dog-loving, coffee-drinking developer living in London. Having worked as a freelance designer and developer prior to joining the Vatu team, Natalie has plenty of experience building websites for small businesses across a variety of industries.

When away from the laptop, Natalie enjoys hanging out with her dog, reading, cooking and learning new things.

Michael Bragg

Senior WordPress Engineer

Mike has been designing and developing websites for over 15 years, focusing on WordPress and WooCommerce for the past 7 years.

Alongside being a self taught developer, Mike holds a 1st class degree in Visual Communication. Is an amature photographer. Learning bookbinding and box building. A West Brom season ticket holder. Warley RFC committee member. And guardian to Charlie the Labrador.

The Finished Result


We will use our dedicated Design resources to review the current Churchill website, come up with a plan for the re-design of the new site, and work with you to make sure it precisely fits what you want to see from the project.

We will make sure you’re happy with the new Churchill design every step of the way and will only start building the new website once you’re 100% happy with the design.


From our conversation with Michael, we understand that the content on the website may need an audit before we re-build it. There seems to be 5 main content areas:

  1. About Us
  2. Publications
  3. Our Services
  4. Asset Allocation
  5. Collective Investments

We can help give any guidance around the creation of new content about how it could fit into the proposed re-design, to make sure that your business objectives are met in Vatu’s design output.


We specialise in developing websites built with WordPress in a wide variety of sectors, and where we believe the strengths of WordPress really shine through:

  • Easy to learn and use – if you can use Microsoft Word, you can use WordPress
  • Works in your web browser – no additional software required
  • Suitable for multiple users
  • Safe, secure and supported by Vatu
  • Search-engine friendly – by default, your website is easily accessible to search engines. Google and WordPress work great together, and the two often collaborate together.
  • Extendable – plugins are available to add almost any functionality or integration required
  • Open source – this is one of WordPress’ key strengths, and has introduced some new features lately (such as the Gutenberg editor which is an excellent new content editor)

We aim to make all parts of the website manageable by Churchill. We do our utmost to ensure the backend of WordPress is as user-friendly as possible by de-cluttering the dashboard interface and customising all content edit screens. We don’t use clunky page builder plugins or confusing shortcodes and we make full use of custom post types and taxonomies where applicable.


As part of our typical client projects, we offer a Hosting & Support service to ensure your new website runs at optimal performance, with security and speed built in. To achieve this, we recommend setting up an ongoing contract to maintain the website once live. This contract would include:

  • Hosting the website on a local server that we manage
  • Regular updates to the WordPress core and plugins to keep the site secure
  • Taking backups of the site on a daily basis
  • Downtime recovery in case the website goes offline for any reason
  • Telephone (or email) support if things go wrong or if you have any questions
  • A flexible allowance for minor amends on the site

The costs of this service are detailed below in the Costs section, but this service is completely optional. If you have your own hosting infrastructure that you trust, we should be able to work with that too.

Phases & Timescales

The phase durations shown here are estimates based on the current brief and may change depending on the Strategy meeting. We would typically recommend reviewing the estimated completion date at the end of each phase to see if they need adjusting based on any changes during the project.

1. Planning

Duration: up to 2 weeks
Strategy Meeting and project scope confirmation.

2. Design

Duration: up to 3 weeks
Creation of up to 5 unique page templates.

3. Build

Duration: up to 10 weeks
Development of the website in WordPress and includes Churchill completing content input.

4. Testing

Duration: up to 2 weeks
Comprehensive user and browser testing to make sure everything works as expected.

5. Launch

Duration: up to 1 week
Final preparations to make sure the website is ready for launch and assistance to complete the migration.

6. Training

Duration: up to 4 hours
Training with our Account Manager to make sure your team know how to use the website post-launch.

Project Management & Collaboration

As with all Vatu’s projects, we use the project management tool Asana to help us track overall progress and collaborate on various stages. Asana gives all parties oversight on progress and allows us to communicate directly with stakeholders based on work in progress. We’d also set up regular project meetings either on a fixed schedule or milestone-based to review progress in-person.

Design Workflow

As part of the Design phase, we would look to produce 5 page templates showing the proposed new design of the website (including desktop and mobile views). Once produced we would give you time to review and then discuss any amendments required before we move into the Build phase. Templates are primarily “block based”, allowing us to re-use design blocks in other page templates throughout the site.

Development Workflow

The Development phase commences once the designs are all signed-off and is the longest phase of the project. Once a significant portion of the development is ready for review, we’ll provide a staging link to review progress and start collating feedback by a visual commenting workflow. Once your feedback is collated, we make all the changes we can and send the site back for final review.

Testing & Sign-off

Browser and device testing is done as part of the Development phase and includes testing the most popular web browsers and Operating Systems. We will review your existing Analytics data to make sure we are checking the most popular devices that visit your site. Once you are happy with your own testing, you can sign-off the build, and we can schedule the Launch.


The new website Launch will be a collaborative process where we all make sure the website is ready to replace the existing site. The Launch process should include:

  • Creating a 301 Redirect map to point old URLs to new URLs (if any have changed)
  • Helping with any last-minute issues that may arise

Beyond Launch

Once your site has launched, that can often be the beginning of the next phase of your marketing goals. Vatu work extensively with a number of clients and can offer ongoing development retainers to help you build your website and online presence. Details of this are in the Costs section below.


Overall quote


Excludes VAT

Cost breakdown

Project Management£1,500
Build & Testing£3,500
Launch & Training£500

Hosting & Support

You can take an optional Hosting & Support service plan with us.

£100 / month

Excludes VAT

This service includes:

  1. Daily backups held off-site
  2. Regular WordPress core and plugin updates
  3. TLS Certificates (to keep your site secure)
  4. Telephone support
  5. Uptime Monitoring
  6. No overage charges

Uptime monitoring

Average monthly uptime:

99.99% uptime

Payment terms

Payment terms are 50% upfront on agreement of this proposal, and the balance is due upon launch of the website and completion of the agreed features. All invoices are due within 14 days and are paid via GoCardless.

Review Process

During the design and development there will be reviews on progress and no doubt some changes required based on the evolving understanding of how the website works. We will make every effort to accommodate changes based off reviews to help fulfil the project’s objectives. The design phase can include 2 iterations on provided designs. The development phase is harder to quantify the number of allowable iterations, ideally it should have as few as possible.

Scope Changes

It’s natural that changes to the requirements and new features are thought up during development. Changes can either fall inside the scope or outside the scope, depending on the amount of work required and whether the change is required for a particular feature to function properly. All change requests will need to be reviewed and agreed before being added into scope. Change requests deemed “out of scope” can either be added to the agreed specification at our discretion or quoted individually for inclusion into the specification.

IP & Ownership

On completion of the project and payment of the final balance, you take ownership of the website in its entirety.


Media & Plugin licensing

If any premium media or plugins are required for the project, Vatu will inform you as soon as possible. If agreed the media is required for the project, it is your responsibility to provide, purchase, or renew premium paid-for media, which includes:

  1. Premium plugins
  2. Stock photography or video
  3. Premium fonts

Any costs associated with premium media will fall outside the quote provided by Vatu.

Out of scope

We’ve talked a lot about what we do as part of the project scope, but it’s equally important to state upfront what isn’t covered by this proposal:

  1. Content writing
  2. Content input – we will provide training to make sure your team has all the skills they need to enter your content into the new site.
  3. SEO strategy – we can give good general advice and make sure your website has good Technical SEO, but we aren’t SEO experts and would welcome one into the project.
  4. Guidance on Accessibility requirements – while we provide designs and code which comply with the majority of WCAG 2.1 guidelines, if Accessibility is a legal requirement for the project, please let us know so we can arrange an external contractor to provide guidance at an additional project cost.